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Linking usernames together: Adding a role

    Users with a personal Wilma username can easily link multiple user roles to their username. For instance, if a guardian already has a username for a child and a younger sibling starts school, the Wilma username for the younger child can be attached to the existing Wilma account. Similarly, teachers can connect their teacher user account with their guardian user account.

    Logging in

    1) Log in to Wilma.
    2) Click on User rights in the upper right corner. If the link is missing it means that you have a user name of the old type, i.e. a joint user account. In that case, follow these instructions first.

    Existing roles

    3) After clicking the link you see a list of your existing roles. Contact the school if the list is incomplete.
    4) Click on the link Add role below the information.

    Add a role

    5) The school has given you EITHER a username + password OR a key code. Fill in the information according to which option you have been given. The page contains instructions on where to fill in the username/password and where to fill in the key code. This means that one of the boxes should be left empty. Then click Add.
    6) Click on Continue and follow the instructions.