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Wilma app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

    The Wilma app holds many features needed daily.

    Please note! If you haven't created a Wilma username yet, that has to be done first using a browser. After that you can use the app.

    Installing the app

    Download the app using the link above. Get the official Wilma app by entering "Visma" in the search field.

    Creating a user account

    On opening the app the first time you are asked whether it can send push notifications. The Wilma system sends notifications about lesson notes and new messages, so click OK if you want to allow this. Otherwise click on the other alternative. You can always change these settings later on in the app settings.

    Next, add your Wilma account to the app. The procedure is the same for teachers, guardians, students and all other users alike.

    You can add multiple accounts to the app, which is very convenient especially for guardians whose children attend different schools and in separate municipalities. In other words, add all accounts to the app and you have access to them all at once.

    Start by selecting the correct Wilma server address from the list. Search for the municipality or school (use the search field if necessary). If you cannot find the address, fill in the exact same address that you use in the browser when logging in to Wilma, for instance https://wilma.exampleville.fi or wilma.exampleville.fi. Please note that some municipalities or schools may also have a set of numbers at the end of the address, such as https://wilma.exampleville.fi:8040.

    • Username and Password: Fill in the username and password that you use when accessing Wilma through a browser. Then click on Add account. The account is now shown under User accounts.
    • If you have multiple Wilma-usernames (you are a guardian with separate usernames for each child), you may now add all these in the app as well, or do it later.
    • Start using the app by clicking on one of the accounts or To main page.

    Use the Wilma app to

    • receive notifications about messages
    • read and write messages
    • read announcenments
    • view the schedule
    • check homework, tests and lesson notes
    • inform about absences, also in advance