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Changing a joint Wilma account to a personal account

    By following these instructions, a guardian can change a joint username to a personal one.

    • If both guardians were using the joint Wilma account (both have access to the same username and password), both guardians should follow the instructions below.
    • If only one of the guardians has been using the joint account, the school will give the other guardian a key code. In this case, the guardian who has not yet used the joint account can then create a personal Wilma account.
    • When one joint account is split into two separate personal accounts, the messages sent and received under the joint account will be availble on both new accounts.

    Step 1: Go to the Internet address provided by the school

    The format of the address is https://wilmaaddress/connect. For instance, guardians whose children attend schools in Turku visit the following address: https://wilma.turku.fi/connect.

    Step 2: E-mail address
    This address will become your new Wilma username.

    Step 3: Verification message
    If you cannot find the message in your mail box, check the junk mail folder. If the message cannot be found there either, please contact the school.

    Step 4: Type in your username and password in the box to the left.
    Leave the right-hand side blank!
    Click Add and Continue.

    Step 5: Enter your name
    Fill in YOUR name, not your child’s name!

    Step 6: New password
    A password of at least 8 characters is needed. The e-mail address that the verification message was sent to will be your username.

    Step 7: Verification

    Log in using your e-mail address and the password you just created.

    Changing your password

    If you remember your current password and want to change it, and you have created a personal account as instructed above:

    • Log in to Wilma
    • Click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner and click on Account settings
    • Give the old password, the new password, and then the new password again
    • Click on Change password

    Forgotten your password?

    If you remember the email address that you have used with Wilma, you can create a new password by clicking Forgot your password? on the Wilma front page.

    Name and email address changes

    A Wilma user with a personal Wilma account can change the email address and the name via the Notification preferences in Wilma. Changing the email address will mean that the user name for Wilma changes as well. The user name stays the same when the person only changes his or her first or last name.